Friday, November 5, 2010

My Interview on A Shakuhachi Journey

I'd like to draw people's attention to another blog that I've had a great deal of pleasure to read.  It's written by a shakuhachi player from Vancouver, Canada named Erin Riffel.  She has been chronicling her journey learning the shakuhachi and has been of great help to many like her.  She started to include monthly interviews with other shakuhachi players with the idea to give some insight to others beginning this oft times difficult journey.  This month I have the honour of being the 'Player of the Month' on her blog.  Please have a read.


  1. I have been thinking from when I started to read your blog, are you good at shakuhachi? I could understand your e-mail adress meaning. When I was young, I learned Japanese folk song. And at that time, my teacher played shakuhachi, and I sung Japanese traditional songs to the music. So shakuhachi reminds of my young memories.

  2. Hi Mana,
    Thanks for your comments. I'm pleased that shakuhachi is part of your fond memories. Why don't you check out some modern shakuhachi and see how it's changed. I just played a concert at Kumamoto Castle with a great koto player and shamisen player. We played modern music. I'd be happy to let you know when we next play.