Monday, December 21, 2009


I've had the opportunity to be on the cover of a prominant Kumamoto lifestyle magazine published by Kumamoto Keizai (an economics periodical) called Espresso.
To date, I've done 5 covers.  Four for Kumamoto and one for Fukuoka.

It's taken me to some interesting places in the two prefectures and allowed me to meet equally interesting people.  And it certainly has put my face into the public eye.  These days, I often get looks of recognition from people I don't know, or people will actually stop me and ask me if I'm that guy on the cover of the magazine.
It's not that the magazine has such a huge readership, but one habit of Japanese people is to stand and read magazines in stores. Though that happens almost anywhere, it's really something of an institution here in Japan.

One of the up-sides of this work is that it allows me to promote the shakuhachi which I hope to continue doing.


  1. Hey sir, you are really something!! I'm proud of you. Keep on playing and let's have a session someday!

  2. Hey Kazz,
    Thanks for the nice comment. I do it all for fun and basically I can't say 'no'. So there I am for good or bad.
    As for the session, let's do that soon. I'm all for it.

  3. Is the photograph of the first piece "Shokun no ma"?
    Because a general person doesn't usually put it, I am envied.

  4. Now, you are very famous!
    I braged to my friends that you are on the cover.
    Yesterday I saw the magazine at the bookstore:>